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I’m back.

January 30, 2012

The sun has entered Aquarius. Today is my birthday. I’m back.

Our summer holiday gave way to an autumnal sabbatical. We didn’t return to our beloved city until October. Then, before we knew it, Thanksgiving, the Winter Solstice, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza & various New Years were upon us. We were also sick for a month with a relentless virus that included a hospital stay for my little one. All are well now, thankfully.

During the holiday downtime, I found myself contemplating a friend’s tweet that essentially said she wanted more experiences rather than more stuff. Although there are still lots of things I desire (a bigger apartment, a beach bungalow, an antique daybed, an entirely new wardrobe, etc.), I resonate with her yearning for deeper, richer, fuller experiences.

I particularly want experiences that make me feel lighter & freer in my body, that nudge me out of my comfort zone (is this a midlife crisis talking?). With that in mind, I celebrated New Year’s Eve doing an intense midnight yoga class at Strala (my favorite yoga studio in the city) followed by a Committed Impulse workshop a few days later. (Josh Pais is an actor who trains actors, or civilians like myself; his methods can feel awkward at first, but after writhing around on the floor & pretending I was Wonder Woman, I felt invincible.)

Last weekend, I headed out to catch the final days of Carsten Holler’s EXPERIENCE at the New Museum. It was installation art meets performance art, where the visitor is the performer/participant. Holler, a scientist turned artist, creates these, well… experiences.

I went alone, but quickly made friends with other museum goers as we explored magic mushroom sculptures while wearing 3D goggles, & relaxed on a mirrored carousel while listening to caged birds sing.

Then came the slide that twisted through 3 floors. I felt a slight hesitation, some butterflies in the stomach, before joining the others in line. We donned bike helmets & talked nervously, excitedly like kids waiting to get on a roller coaster. When my turn was up, I was given a sack for my feet (to keep the ride smooth) & told to keep my chin to my chest & arms straight down the front of my body.

The ride felt both fast & slow at the same time. Sheer exhilaration. As a former museum professional, it was such a release to squeal very loudly in a hallowed gallery space without being escorted out.


I want to cultivate more spontaneous experiences, too. This past weekend, my sister flew in from Raleigh to celebrate my birthday. We’d been (half) joking about trying to run into Lenny Kravitz (a shared secret crush of ours for years), who, according to the tabloids, is looking for love. On Saturday, I happened to come across a post about him playing that night at Radio City Music Hall. We found cheap tickets & good seats on Stubhub, & within hours we were giggling like school girls, dancing in our seats, feeling the beats in our chest & the enormous energy of a crowd who were letting love rule.


According to the Weekly Weather, this could be one of the most profound weeks of our lives. I can feel the shift. I can feel it in my bones.

It’s good to be back, dear readers. It’s good to be home.

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