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take me to tulum, please

February 7, 2012

I’ve been thinking about Mexico. A lot.

Despite an unseasonably warm winter in New York City thus far, I want to go warmer, tropical.

It all started two years ago, when I was first pregnant but didn’t know it yet, and I went to see my intuitive healer. She sensed strong male energy around me (come to find out, he was in my belly) and recommended a restorative trip to the Mayan Riviera to nurture my “mother within.” Unfortunately, I didn’t budget for a babymoon in time before becoming a “mother without.”

Then, last February, The Selby did a gorgeous spread about Mya Henry and Eric Werner’s restaurant Hartwood in Tulum. After many consecutive sleepless nights with a newborn, my interest and appetite were renewed. Hartwood is LOCATED ON THE JUNGLE SIDE OF TULUM BEACH ROAD. I daydreamed of sun-drenched days and sandy paths, starry skies and balmy nights; sitting down at a candlelit table, surrounded by lush palm trees and good people, to eat a whole roasted fish and octopus salad. Oh, and the tomatoes!


As per my birthday tradition, I went to see my gipsy (her spelling) Tiffany last week for my annual $5 palm reading. In addition to encouraging prospects for my at-home creative career and my long and healthy life line (although she cut 10 years off of it from my last visit: yikes, I need a vacation!), she saw a trip to Mexico in my near future. Specifically, she said that I was a little bored with my urban home base (so-so), and that I needed to shake it up, to get away and explore, preferably in the warm sun and salt water (and a jungle perhaps?). Soon thereafter, I read Josh Pais‘ post about a few open spots still available for his upcoming Committed Impulse retreat in (you guessed it) Tulum.

I think I’ve seen enough signs. Now, if I could just get the taco truck to take me there.


One of my favorite writers/bloggers/soul sisters is Danielle LaPorte. Whenever I read her writing, I get goosebumps and break into a song of Yes! Yes! Yes! (Can’t wait to read The Firestarter Sessions when it comes out in April. You can download a sneak peek here.) This past week, she launched a new series called The Burning Question. First up: How do you want it all to feel?


The Mayan calendar ends on Friday, December 21, 2012, and perhaps the world as we know it does, too. Neptune entered Pisces this past week: dove into the ocean again for the first time since the mid-19th century when, among other world-altering events, gold rushes took place, slavery was abolished, suffragists gained ground, Transcendentalist thought flowered, and industrialization and mass production kicked into high gear. Neptune, planet of the underworld, moves at a languid pace: what I imagine it to be in Tulum. It’ll stay in its home sign of Pisces until 2026, so we have a whole new 14-year cycle of compassion and creativity. Plenty of time to feel how we want it all to feel.


I want the tingle of goosebumps, as though at any moment I could break into a Yes! Yes! Yes! and do cartwheels down a city street. I want it lush, wild and enchanted, reverberated by the night sounds of a dense jungle and crackling fire.

The warm sun on my face, the burning question.

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  1. Pepper permalink
    February 9, 2012 1:02 pm

    Loving you posts again 😉 Are these going ot FB as well? Have not seen them there.
    See you tomorrow with Brooke and we can discuss Mexico further……xoxo

    • February 9, 2012 1:39 pm

      Thank you! They should be posting on Fb… Can’t wait for tomorrow! xo

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