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I come from a family of artists, industrial designers, crafters & collectors—collectors of anything & everything from rocks, clocks & coins; to cameras, railroad paraphernalia & art deco furniture; to fabric, teddy bears & vintage art supplies (my 65-year-old father still uses his grandfather’s oil paints to hand color black & white photographs). My own collections over the years have boasted Cabbage Patch Kids (6); Smurf figurines (39); stickers (scratch & sniff were my specialty); shoelaces (especially when I found the rare pair with my name on them); memorabilia of the British royal family; Fiestaware; vintage clothing, textiles, jewelry & suitcases; & magazines. Lots of magazines.

A few of my favorite childhood activities included going with my maternal grandparents to sprawling outdoor flea markets & yard sales down South; playing dress-up in my mother’s & grandmothers’ closets; sewing in my mother’s studio; & drawing picture after picture of houses and wedding dresses. Unsurprisingly, as an adult, I am an artist, designer & professor, & I have worked with world-renowned museum collections of fine art, architecture, decorative arts, fashion & textiles.

More recently, I have stepped out of museum storage & the college classroom to pursue my art & design full-time. I live in New York City with my son & two cats. This blog is a visual collection of my environs & inspirations. Thanks for reading & enjoy!

{illustration by bruno grizzo}

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